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Google saves all my bookmarks and replicates them to all my devices, so this page is totally unnecessary.  I made it in the mid-2000s though and it makes a nice landing page, so I'll bring it here and check all the links.  It was probably in 2007 or so when I started it with...

In the old days, before any topic was a Google search away, we used to make hot lists to direct friends to neat sites we found.  I've updated my hot list to sites I check just about every day as kind of a "favorites" from whichever PC I happen to be on.  Here are some sites I enjoy:

  • The New York Times - This was my primary news source, but they shifted further left in the Trump days.  I still like it but I find the next one to be a little more balanced.
  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal - Local news.
  • Arlo & Janis - A favorite comic.  Definitely targeted to the older married crowd, of which I am one.  Great characters including Ludwig the cat.
  • Wes Clark's Avocado Memories - A really fun web collection of photos from Wes Clark's youth growing up in Burbank, CA in the sixties and seventies.  I also keep an eye on Wes' Brigham's Blog because he knows, finds and shares some really interesting information about everything!
  • Wikipedia - I'm sure this site is the bane of my brother Jon, a high school history teacher, but I find it to be a fascinating place to get an overview on anything.  I would never cite something I found there without checking it out, but I've learned a ton from the contributors.
  • My Youtube Page - This has shortcuts to the few clips I've put out there, but includes the search window as well.  It will be interesting to see what youtube turns into over the years.  My kids love the old Sesame Street clips, as do I.
  • IMDB - The Internet Movie Database.  Is it sad or liberating that anytime you think you recognize someone in a movie or on TV or when you can't remember who was in a certain movie, you can look here to confirm or discover all the details?
  • e-Bay - 'nuff said.  You can find anything there.  I've been picking up all the old, blue Hardy Boys books I used to read there.  Theoretically they are for Jake, but I can (and sometimes do) burn through one of those in an hour flat!
  • CG Schmidt, Inc. - My employer, the best General Contractor in the Milwaukee area and beyond.  If you need a school, hospital, office or light industrial building or even an Art Museum built, be sure and talk to us!
  • White Lake Property Owners Association - I'm on the board for the Property Owners Association at the cottage and built this little website.
  • Beaumont Ridge Neighborhood - I used to maintain this for the Homeowners Association, now it's just a neighborhood interest website.
  • Abbot Pennings High School - A little website I built to remember my old high school which was closed in 1990 when Green Bay's three Catholic high schools were merged into one.

Also, I created that fire gif long ago with a pixel editor so it had to come over! 

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