Steven La Plant

Steven La Plant was a very good friend who passed away in 2005 after a long and tough fight against lymphoma.  Here are some pictures and stories about his life.  In 2008, I made a website to share some photos and memories, and I am migrating them here on his birthday in 2021.

This is a nice photo I found of Steven at Kevin & Suzanne's wedding in 1993.  As time went on, he evolved his look beyond this, with longer hair and a hipper, European fashion sense (thanks to Helle?), but this picture really shows Steven in a way I like to remember him:  big smile on his face, open and friendly, doing something nice for his friends.  Thanks for the beer, Steven!

Here are some links to Steven's stuff that I've kept:

April 26, 2005 - Steven's web page.  It was just a bookmark page from his hosting provider, but he wrote a little overview about himself on it.

Steven & Helle were married in Denmark in 2002.  This is a photo of the bride and groom with Steven's family that he scanned and sent to me shortly after the wedding.

A song for Steven - Heaven (the live version from Stop Making Sense) by the Talking Heads.  You may be thinking, "Oh I get it, Steven died, he's in heaven, right." but my reasons for sharing this song involves some stories.

Steven and I saw this movie when it was new in 1984, and I remember him commenting how much he liked that song.  It was the second song in the movie with just David Byrne and Tina Weymouth on the stage - a guitar, a bass and two voices.  When Steven realized his first marriage was ending he came down to our house in Wauwatosa to get away and hang out for a bit.  We were expecting our first child, and Steven was helping me assemble the new baby crib.  I pointed to the drawer with my cassettes and asked him to pick one.  He found the Stop Making Sense soundtrack and went to this song.

After he died, I helped Helle consolidate his computers and found two copies of this song.  One was on their iPod folder (which was full of Helle's Danish pop songs, but also had sixteen tracks that were clearly Steven's.)  The other was on an older hard drive, downloaded during the Napster heyday of the late 90's.

Sharing it here is more about me than Steven.  I don't know what the afterlife holds for us, but I like to think that it will be anything you want it to be:  a bar, a party, a kiss.  Whatever it is, I hope Steven's enjoying it - "The band in Heaven, they play my favorite song...."

Most of this was penned in 2008, but I will add this in 2021.  Rest easy, Steven.  I would love to be able to visit and hear your thoughts about everything that's been going on here these days!

This page was created by Eric Elfner on 8/14/2008.  Updated on 12/17/2009 with a better version of Steven's Obituary.  Moved to Eric's blogspot on February 28, 2021.  A year or so after Steven died, I was transferring my domains and web hosting to a new provider and saw that Steven's domain,, had expired.  I grabbed it without really knowing why.  As of 2021, it is pointing here, but if any of his family would like it for something else, feel free to let me know.


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